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BUCKEYE CAM: X80 Cell Base
Free Shipping!!!

Operates up to 254 cameras from one base & one cell plan!!!

X80 Cell Base
Free Shipping!!!

Operates up to 254 cameras from one base & one cell plan!!!

Manufacturer Buckeye Cam
Part Number BEC-00007
Mfg Part Numer 6070-3-MS1
8.00" x 9.00" x 4.00"
Weight 5.00 (LBS)
Price $1199.99

BuckEye Cam X80 Cell Base System (Includes 1 Cell Base kit)

Cell Base Kit Includes:

  • Cell Base Black Enclosure
  • Cell Base Indoor Power Supply
  • Cell Base 12Volt Battery Cable (for outdoor      use)
  • Cell Base Quad Band Cellular Antenna with 9'      cable
  • Omni Directional 6dbi Antenna with 9' cable
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Cell Base Software CD
  • Getting Starting Guide
  • 12 Month Warranty

  • Operates up to 254 Cameras from 1 Cell Base
  • No per camera or per picture fees
  • Not compatible with Orion System


    System Overview System Set Up Kit

    The BuckEye Cam X80 Cell Base systems transmit pictures/videos directly to your computer from anywhere in the world... Can be set up to operate on most major cellular plans. Single data plan allows you to operate up to 254 cameras all through a single cell base. This means you can send as many pictures as you want from as many cameras as you want for one fee. With our Cell Base system being capable of transmitting 1000's of pictures a night.

    The Cell Base can be left in the field and will operate off any 12Volt battery (not included) or you can leave it inside to run it off wall power (wall power adapter included).

    The Cell Base will run for weeks on a single 12V battery (not included), plus you can add our 12V Cell Base Solar panel to increase your run time tremendously!

    The Cell Base can even be used as a standard PC Base at anytime. It is extremely versatile!

    You can add up to 254 wireless cameras to this Cell Base System to create a complete multi-camera system for your entire area.

    Most importantly, YOU control the Cell Base COMPLETELY from any computer you choose that has high speed internet. Just install the software on the computer you want to run the Cell Base and that's it!

    No computer within range of your cameras? NO PROBLEM!

    You can control all your cameras located in Texas from your computer in Ohio! Just simply add the Cell Base and now you can control your wireless cameras from ANYWHERE!

    You are in complete control:
    All the pictures/videos are transmitted directly to your computer. No websites to log into or extra fees for server storage. You can set it up to automatically email the pictures to anyone as well as setup your very own livecam account.

    You can change the camera settings, check camera battery status, take remote pictures, add and delete cameras, basically completely control all your cameras from anywhere in the world.

    The Cell Base also lets you set up your own 'LiveCam' website to use the cameras as a security feature or a promotional device for your ranch... or just set it up so everyone in the extended family can see all the action!

    Key features:

  • Cell Base system can control up to 254 cameras.
  • Completely control all your Wireless Cameras right from your computer
  • Can operate on 12V batteries(not included) or wall power
  • Single unlimited data plan - no per picture fees and no per CAMERA fees!
  • Works with all X80 Wireless Cameras. (Specific system unit must be purchased)
  • Completely Waterproof Enclosure
  • Simply and easy to use

    Cell Base Kit Includes:

  • Cell Base with camo
  • Cell Base Indoor Power Supply
  • Cell Base 12Volt Battery Cable (for outdoor use)
  • Cell Base Quad Band Cellular Antenna with 9' cable (works on 4 different cellular frequencies to cover most major carriers)
  • Omni Directional 6dbi Antenna with 9' cable (for cameras)
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Cell Base Software CD
  • Getting Starting Guide
  • 12 Month Warranty

    CellBase Require Monthly Service Fee and you need to let us know which carrier you prefer prior to shipping!

    Current Network Availability

  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • Bell Mobility
  • Sprint
  • Telus
  • SaskTel
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Available throughout Europe
  • Available throughout Asia

    Advantages of the BuckEye Cam Cellular Base Station over other cellular based systems:

  • BuckEye Cam still uses the no-fee radio transmission from the cameras to the Cellular Base Station. This means that up to thirty cameras can be in a system with just one cell plan!

    There are no per picture fees or limits on data transmission.

    You will get no surprise charges or miss any pictures for going over your limit because with BuckEye Cam, there are no limits!

  • The pictures/videos are sent over the internet via the Cellular Base Station and saved on your computer.

  • You own your pictures! You do not have to go to a special web site or pay any other fees to view your pictures.

  • The BuckEye Cam Cellular Base is not tied to any particular cellular carrier. We can hook you up with a plan no matter which carriers service is available!

  • BuckEye Cam uses rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, not alkaline batteries to ensure a long battery life.
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